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George Strait

George Strait 2013-2014 Cowboy Rides Away Concert Tour Info:

George Strait Announces Final Tour Dates For 2014 On September 9th

Opening acts will change from one week to the next. Some of these acts include Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Sheryl Crow, Ronnie Dunn, Vince Gill, Merle Haggard, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Martina McBride, Lee Ann Womack, Chris Young, and more. The final show of the tour will be the big extravaganza with a HUGE list of grade A talent!

George Strait Tickets:

When asked about the George Strait 2014 tour, here’s what the king had to say:

“What should people expect on your tour next year? Are you going to surprise everyone by dancing?”

Yes, me and the whole band are going to be dancing onstage next year. Wait till you see the little outfits. [laughs] We have some surprises up our sleeves, but aren’t quite ready to announce the tour just yet. That will come in September sometime. I did a segment in the shows this year where I sang some of my very first records, and talked about how I came to record them, and all of that. I loved doing it, so I may do it again next year, except with different oldies. I have quite a few, you know.

George Strait Tour 2014 - 2015 Tickets

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150 Responses to “George Strait Concert Tour Tickets”

  1. if the 2010 tour dates have been established could you please forward the citys and dates

    thank you
    jim frey
    252 433 3163

  2. i saw george strait in concert a very long time ago and he was at my best friends wedding not long ago and i have every one of his songs on my ipod can not get enough of them and putting more on my other mp3 player i am a huge fan of his and so jealous of my friend

  3. when he comes out with a tour date please email me so i can know i just love his voice and every thing about him he is awesome

  4. I am hoping he comes to Portland Oregon. Could you please send me the 2010 tour dates thankyou

  5. We would be interested in the 2010 tour dates for George Strait also.

  6. I would like to know if George Strait will be coming to the Bay area in 2010.

  7. I saw Reba McEntire interviewed today and she announced she would be touring with George Strait in 2010. This will be one fantastic show!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any dates yet??

  8. I have not seen both of you in a long time and I would love for you to come to Birmingham, Alabama.

  9. Come to WV or Ohio. George Strait is the man plus reba AWESOME!!!!!!

  10. wow i have never seen ya’ll together i wish yall come to houston, texas

  11. there coming to omaha april 8th people are excited hippy kay yea!!!!

  12. PLEASE tell me they will be at CMA FEST in June 2010 ! ! ! ! !

  13. will you have a date in Penna.

  14. What’s the matter…You don’t wanna come to Tx…We love you here in Tx too….Would love for you to come to Houston!!!!!

  15. Please tell me they are coming to the Ohio or WV Area. Pittsburgh would be close enough also. Have gone to George’s concerts for the last 3 years we make it a yearly girls day out. Love George and Reba is wonderful also.

  16. I would like to know more concert dates. I’m looking for denver or minneapolis! I’m taking my mom and she loves him as much as she loved elvis!

  17. George won’t you please come to Shreveport La? They have a huge CenturyTell Center and you can make plenty of money. I won’t get to see your show if you don’t.

  18. I just heard Kix Brooks announce Lee Ann Womack will be joining Reba and George on tour! What I wouldn’t give …… don’t forget all your fans in the Northeast …….

  19. When will the tour be at Shoreline in the bay area?

  20. I would like for concert dates and location of concert be sent to my e-mail.
    When I got my first CD player i was 4 that’s when i fell in love with George Strait’s voice, my dad is the one who bought my his CD 4 Christmas and now i have all of his CD’s and would love to see him in a concert so please help me.

  21. When are u comming to toledo ohio in our new arena..or can u send tour of yr up comming tours on ohio thank you Debbie from ohio

  22. im one of your biggest fans and i was wondering why your not coming to NY

  23. Saw Reba and George Strait last night in Baltimore. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. when will King George come to AUSTRALIA

  25. you need to do a concert in New york!!!!!!

  26. will you have any up coming tour dates in California?

  27. Please come to Albuquerque, NM.

    We love you!!!

  28. Please add me to the list for George Strait concerts in California – particularly the Bay Area – San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Murphy’s.

    Thanks for the great website.

  29. When are you coming to Pachange or Pala. I thought I heard an ad on the radio that you were coming to one of those places, but I didn’t get when & where, Pachanga said you weren’t coming there. Please advise.
    Mary Ann Bennaton

  30. when will george strait be in S.F. Bay Area

  31. Will the tour be coming to the Philadelphia, PA.area this year?

  32. Looking for 2010 dates in sc, ga, nc, fl

  33. When are you coming to San Jose, CA? Hope you will play at Shoreline in Mountain View, CA soon. Love to go to concerts there. Best time of the year is August/September. Please let us know soon. Love to see you both. I haven’t been to see either of you in quite a while. Have a great tour.

  34. I do not see any dates in Mountain View, CA for Shoreline. When will you post that date?

  35. When are they coming to Sacramento, California???? George is the best!!!!! and I love Reba too but George even more :)

  36. PLEASE, PLEASE tell me George and Reba are coming to California! I have been checking and checking and haven’t seen anything. I haven’t must George when he comes to CA ever and now add Reba; this concert is going to be awesome! PLEASE COME TO CA!!

  37. Please advise when George will be in Houston area or Woodlands this year.

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  39. Is George coming to pgh this summer (2010)?

  40. George- please come to NYC and do a concert.

    My favorite male singers are you and Frank Sinatra.

  41. George Strait the best ever…..Please come to New Mexico
    you know Land of Enchantment….

  42. Reba sucks the big one.

  43. Would love to see you in the Southwest Florida area close to Naples (Reba is familiar to the area). Have never been to any concert but would not miss my two favorite entertainers for the world.

  44. Please include another tour date in 2010 or early 2011… my husband and I are from Australia and seeing you have not visited our beautiful country we were going to come over to your concert in September 2010 in Nashville though my husband is not able to now get time off though would still like to catch a concert….if you could let us know if you are that would be excellent!

  45. Hey can anyone tell me what TBD means on the new dates?

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  47. Hey george why don’t you come to albuquerque nm

  48. hey! George when is your next concert at Phoenix AZ, do you know that you have fans on the Fort Apache Indain Reservation. will you be hunting in Mavrick anytime soon, I would like to see you again the last time i seen you was when I was 9 yrs. old at mavrick camp.

  49. What is the Calgary Stampede date for July 2010?

  50. whats a mader you dont like albuquerque nm any more george and reba we would like to see you guys

  51. Looking forward to see all of them in Buffalo NY in october

  52. Is George going to be performing at the MGM Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas, February, 2011

  53. I went to George Stait’s concert in Tampa of 08. I missed the Orlando concert. Will he ever be coming to Ocala, that would be nice since I live about 15 miles from Ocala.

  54. I went to George Stait’s concert in Tampa of 08. I missed the Orlando concert. Will he ever be coming to Ocala?, that would be nice since I live not far from there. from Ocala.

  55. My mother is 88 years old and has been your fan since day one. I told her I would try to find a concert close by so she can travel to it. Please let me know when you will be in the Southwest area. She is in good health but this would be one her last wishes. Mahalo

  56. I saw George and Reba in Columbia SC on the 16th and they were amazing! I was mainly there to see REBA but grew to love George too! Great concert

  57. OMG.. George & Reba!!! That show sounds amazing!! Please come to the Bay Area in California!! My 4 year old yells, “GEORGE” everytime he comes on the radio!! When I ask him who’s king.. he say’s “George!!!” Please come to the Bay Area!!! :)

  58. Do you have tour dates for 2011?? Please send to my email. Am travelling from Australia Feb/March 2011, and am desperate to get to a George Strait concert. Hope he is touring then!

  59. Please send me the 2011 schedule for George.

  60. I’m trying to find concert dates for 2011. Could you please email the info.


  61. George,

    Come to Australia mate. We love you too! We’ll treat you well.

  62. Drove over 400 miles to see Geoge Strait on October 14 it was awesome. Not a fan of Reba but she worked that stage and she looked good. I cannot wait to see who he gets next year or if they will continue hope they do a duet soon

  63. please tell me when George Strait will be in Texas (ANYWHERE) for 2010 – 2011 tour

  64. please tell me when George Strait will be in Texas for 2010 – 2011 tour

  65. Please let me know if George is performing in Texas in 2011. Have seen him twice this 2010 and need more GEORGE. Please email his tour dates.

  66. Hi my name is George, I am from South Africa, i will be comming over to America in January 2011, and could you please mail me the tour dates for GEORGE STRAIT so i could see were i will meet up with him , Please,

  67. I would like to know it George Strait is having a concert in May 2011. My husband in overseas and will be home in May and I would love to take him to a concert. Please let me know

  68. Hi, I’m from Switzerland and from time to time I come to the States. Pleas send me the tour dates for 2010-2011. We want to make plans to see you, Thanks!

  69. I grew up on your music in Upstate NY…..and now live in Southern CA……would LOVE to see you in concert. I have seen Reba before in Rochester, NY back in the 90′s but have never seen George. The two of you are my favorite country singers! Please advise if your concert will be coming anywhere near Los Angeles!


  70. I grew up on your music in Upstate NY on a dairy farm where I listened to Merle Haggard, Boxcar WIllie, danced to Johnny Cash as a child…..and now live in Southern CA……would LOVE to see you in concert. As the old song goes “I was country…when country wasn;t cool”, I have seen Reba before in Rochester, NY back in the 90′s but have never seen George. The two of you are my favorite country singers! Please advise if your concert will be coming anywhere near Los Angeles!


  71. Can you add me for any updates on concerts with George Strait and Reba in Virginia and North Carolina. The best concert ever was a Reba concert.


  73. I can not believe my favorite singer george straight is gonna be injax fla on my
    Birthday and I cannot see him. I live in Atlanta gamut he is still the man

  74. seen the george strait, reba, and womack concert in austin, texas on january 14, 2011. unbelievable concert. reba was great. george was outstanding, played 32 songs. had a great time. the only thing i didnt really like was, too many people just sitting there like a bump on a log. had one lady sleeping behind me. people, get into it, or stay home. lol.

  75. George please come to New Orleans, I’ve never seen you in concert an it would be amazing if I finally could it would be a dream come true. PLEASE COME TO NEW ORLEANS!!!!!

  76. When will George Strait be touring in Australia? I am keen to go to his concert and can him find here.

  77. When will George Strait come to Virginia or close? Want to take my granddaughter (who loves him) to concert for her graduation present.

  78. I would like a 2011 concert schedule for George & Reba, please. Thanks

  79. hopefully may 2011 george strait schedule has not been published, looking for my mother’s mother’s day gift?

  80. Yolanda again I can now add to my list Buffalo NY 10-16-10.
    I flew all the way from Florida to New York City, where we then rented a car and got to Buffalo NY in time to see George perform. He is the greatest . My son got us front row seats. George, please do a concert in Ocala Fl. Your Tejana friend, Yolanda

  81. Yolanda again I can now add to my list Buffalo NY 10-16-10.
    I flew all the way from Florida to New York City, where we then rented a car and got to Buffalo NY in time to see George perform. He is the greatest . My son got us front row seats. Your Tejana friend, Yolanda

  82. I can now add to my list Buffalo NY 10-16-10.
    I flew all the way from Florida to New York City, where we then rented a car and got to Buffalo NY in time to see George perform. He is the greatest . My son got us front row seats. Your Tejana friend, Yolanda

  83. I wish they would come out with the rest of the tour for the year. It’s almost a tease.
    I wish he would come to connecticut or even a small venue in Manhattan. I would love to see him in concert.
    Love you George.


  85. I would really like George Strait to come to Williamasburg VA, and perform. I enjoy his songs. My favorite is I cross my heart. I played it every Sunday. I love it…. Thanks George you are the best!!

  86. I would really like George Strait to come to Williamasburg VA, and perform. I enjoy his songs. My favorite is I cross my heart. I played it every Sunday. I love it…. Thanks George you are the best!!

  87. George Strait “Come to Australia’!! I’m a HUGE fan it would be deadly to tour DOWN UNDER! Love your songs especially “LOVE WITHOUT END AMEN” and ‘SHE’LL LEAVE YOU WITH A SMILE’… You rock George, so come to Australia please!??? :- )

  88. I AM A BIG FAN…


  89. Would like to know further concert dates for George Strait.

  90. i love country music. I listen to it every morning!!!!!!!!! REBA I LOVE U SO MUCH !!!!! Both of u ROCK!!! I cant wheat to see u in NEW MEXICO !! :)

  91. Cant wait to see Taylor in New York.

  92. Unquestionably believe that which you stated. Your favorite justification seemed to be on the net the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider worries that they just do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  93. I love this movie you were saying into the story

  94. It is heart braking to know that George is not to have concerts in VA or DC or MD.

  95. Hi, me and my husband have heard George Strait music for a long time. We are from New Braunfels right in the middle of San Antonio & Austin. Our boys 23 and 18 just started liking country. We thought it would be great to go to a George Strait concert . When will he be in San Antonio or Austin. We really want to go. Thanks for your help!!! (:

  96. I have loved George Strait for a long time. When is he coming to Ireland. We would love to see him here.

  97. george strait we like your music a lot.we miss you are you doing good i was just asking you if you are coming to texas so we can come to you play music.can you play the chair for i love that song a lot.
    thank yougeorge strait i love you george strait so much.i am going to come and see you sometime this summer and i wont to sing with you on stage.

  98. george strait can i be on stage with you.I LOVE YOU!

  99. can you come to texas to sing.please come to T.X.


  101. The first time I fell in love in with country music was when I was about 6 years old, and at that time it was the early 90′s and my mom and dad would go out country dancing. One night during the Christmas season, I fell asleep on our living room floor, probably watching a Christmas movie, and I woke up to country music playing from a movie that my mom and ad dad were watching which in the morning I learned was Pure Country. I remember watching this one movie, not knowing who the played Dusty, or really ever hearing any Country music when I was that young, but I watched this movie over and over again, and eventually country music was all I ever wanted to listen to. George Strait has a voice that brings back my childhood, my memories of home, and a voice that brings me comfort, and that is why I love country music. My favorite song is the one that is played at the very beginning of the movie, “When you hear twin fiddles and a steel guitar, you’re listening to the sound of the american heart”..I thank George Strait for being a true artist, a musician who can sing with just his voice..I also thank George Strait for all of the cowgirl boots I have owned since I was 6…and I still wear those boots. I hope George Strait and Reba make their way down to Iowa on their tour..being a college student without much money to begin with, I would still buy front stage seats.

  102. Author has many informative facts, I’ve learned a immense amount. I’m confused as to why I didn’t add it as a bookmark before because it’s surely a website I want in my daily visit list. Thanks again, keep up the great work

  103. Please come to Missouri in 2012. I have a 7 yr old son that knows the words to almost eveyone of your songs and would love to meet you

  104. Please come down under to one of the best countries in the world, where the people love your music – AUSTRALIA.

  105. Please bring your show to metro Atlanta (…Gwinnett or Lakewood…or Philips Arena…) You have a LOT of fans here!


  106. Please tell me if you have any plans to do a U K tour any time in the near future. You would go down a storm here. Cheers Maureen

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  108. Come down too Corpus Christi, TX

  109. George Strait… you should come to Montana and come HERE FOR A GOOD TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) i know we all would

  110. George,You should come and play in Carrizo Springs,Texas!!! It’s near big wells were you learned how to play and where your nana is from please come by and sing for us


  112. When are tickets going on sale for 2014?

  113. [...] to learn what cities George Strait will perform in during 2014 for the final leg of The Cowboy Rides Away Tour as they are revealed? Watch George’s press [...]

  114. would like a list of city and dates for upcoming concerts..

  115. Please let me know all the dates for George Strait for 2014

  116. let me know when george's tickets go no sale..through my e-mail.

  117. No Canada dates.

  118. No Canada dates.

  119. We've JUST updated the full tour details here!

  120. It looks like tickets go on sale to the general public on September 27th. We've JUST updated the full tour details here:

  121. Why not Florida? Would love to see you on your last tour, but the closest you're coming is Atlanta…

  122. When do tickets go on sale for George Straits Nashville Concert?

  123. It seems some of the tickets have already been loaded into the inventory at

  124. Katie, are you interested in seeing George???


  126. Denver tho, that's not that far!

  127. Disappointed he won't be visiting the southern east coast. No concert for North Carolina :(

  128. When is he touring Australia..

  129. No Canada dates is disappointing

  130. why not North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming in the summer and/or Spring – we got REAL cowboys here and traditioinal country music lovers – George you must change plans and come to the Bakken Oil fields and Rodeo heaven country – SOON!

  131. Does anyone know if he will be coming to Canada at any point?!?

  132. I don't think he has ever played in Canada !!

  133. Is he going becoming to salinas, CA???

  134. Hi there Dear, are you in fact visiting this site on a regular basis,
    if so afterward you will definitely get nice know-how.

  135. Wouldn't that b SWEET, r at least 2 San Jose r somewhere close 2 us <3

  136. Wouldn't that b SWEET, r at least 2 San Jose r somewhere close 2 us <3

  137. Are you coming to fort mcmurray Alberta Canada anytime soon?

  138. Is he coming to Florida?

  139. Hey I've seen him in Edmonton.if you really want to see him before he retires take a trip south and soak it in.watching pure country rightnow.he will always be the king

  140. would love to have u back in houston texas

  141. houston texas

  142. You ought to take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the internet.
    I will highly recommend this website!

  143. George hope you tour australia as I’m sure the people in Australia would come from near and far to see you like we did at Lubbock Texas in jan 2013 what a concert and we’d sure to again thanks

  144. Right away I am ready to do my breakfast, later than having my breakfast coming yet again to
    read other news.

  145. anyone know if he is coming to NC

  146. You can certainly see your expertise in the paintings you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. At all times follow your heart.

  147. PEOPLE PEOPLE George Strait ISN’T retiring. .. He said in a press release “I am taking a break from “Stadium Touring”. I might be back in a couple years or maybe not. He is going to continue to make albums. I am sure he play in TX somewhere as the years go by.

  148. Please come to St. Louis!

  149. Will you please come to st.louis

  150. I every time emailed this website pist page to all my associates, for tthe
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