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Frequently Asked Questions:

* Why buy tickets from Country Music On Tour?

Country Music On Tour lists a wide selection of premium tickets for nearly every event at competitive prices. We act as an intermediary between buyers and ticket sellers so you can shop an industry-leading selection of tickets held by reputable and pre-screened ticket brokers. We are true fans of live-entertainment and understand the reasons why you desire premium tickets. We take great pride that our site users testify their experience dealing with is easy and enjoyable. You’ll find that our selection and prices can’t be beat!

* How do I know that the tickets are genuine?

While is not directly involved in the actual ticket sale transaction, you can be assured that the tickets listed on are provided by reputable ticket brokers who each guarantee and take the necessary precautions to ensure their tickets are genuine. Ticket brokers are thoroughly screened in an effort to verify all of our sources for tickets and only list tickets from those brokers that meet our most stringent rules. The success of relies upon repeat business and we have a vested interest in maintaining good relationships. We pride ourselves on our reputation and that the authenticity of all tickets are guaranteed by the fulfilling ticket broker.

* What is a ticket broker?

A ticket brokers buys tickets from wholesalers and other sources, and resells them at increased prices that reflect the costs of obtaining premium seating. While many people compare ticket brokers to ticket scalpers, there are drastic differences between the two. Ticket brokers guarantee ticket legitimacy, strive to maintain good customer relationships and maintain an office with regular business hours. Due to the difficulty of purchasing good seats (or sometimes, any seats) when they go on sale through Ticketmaster or the box office, ticket brokers are increasingly becoming the route to take when you need tickets for a hard to get or sold out event.

* Why buy tickets from a ticket broker?

Ticket brokers provide a valuable service for many reasons. One of the biggest differences between a ticket broker and the box office is that you have a choice of where you get to sit. Convenience is a large factor as you don’t need to stand in line or wait on the phone or on the internet at any particular time just to get seats you may or may not like. You may have a favorite performer coming to town and simply must have the best seats. Often tickets are needed at the last minute and only a ticket broker can help. Sometimes tickets are not even sold to the public (ie. Super Bowl) or are otherwise impossible to get, a ticket broker can get you in. When you go out of town on vacation, a ticket broker can get you tickets to shows worldwide. Entertaining clients or business associates? A ticket broker can find you the best last-minute tickets. At BigStub, we take great pride in the services we offer.

* How do ticket brokers get their tickets?

Ticket brokers put their capital at risk daily by purchasing tickets from Season Ticket Holders, conventional public sales, and soliciting through advertising. Ticket brokers are not affiliated with Ticketmaster and do not buy up large blocks of tickets prior to the public sale of tickets.

* Why do ticket brokers sometimes charge so much above the face value?

The costs for obtaining tickets are always related to the market demand. At times we may pay many times the original face value to obtain tickets that are in demand. Our service charge above the ticket face value relates to the cost of obtaining these premium tickets. Ticket brokers often risk a great amount of capital by estimating the demand from their customers in order to provide a great selection while it is not unusual for ticket brokers to lose some or most of their investment in any particular event.

* If not for ticket brokers wouldn’t there be plenty of seats for the fans?

No. Ticket brokers generally have a very small percentage of seats to any event and it does not affect availability at all. Most shows that are sold out would not even come close to having enough seats for all the fans wanting to attend.

* Don’t ticket brokers purchase large blocks of tickets before the public?

No. Most performers and sports teams assure that this does not happen. Promoters make sure that the tickets are not sold in advance and impose limits when they go on sale so that one person cannot buy a large block. The tickets that brokers have available are usually purchased at the general public on sale a couple of seats at a time.

* How do I receive my tickets?

You will receive your tickets via courier, FedEx, certified mail, or in some instances arrangements can be made for you to pick up at the box office. Most orders must be sent to an address where a signature can be obtained for the delivery.

* Are the seats next to each other?

Unless otherwise noted, seats purchased in sets or groups are always next to each other.

* Can I buy an odd number of tickets?

Although we are not able to break up a group of 2 or 4, you can select an odd number out of a group of odd numbers listed or for any group of 8 or more. If these options are not available online, please call us and will we do our best to accommodate you.

* If I wait until closer to the event, will I get a better price or deal?

Waiting until a few days before or the day of an event to purchase tickets can be risky. The ticket business is much like the stock market and prices are based solely on availability and demand. If you wait, the event can sell out, the price can go up, down or remain the same. It is important to note that by waiting the customer takes the chance of not being able to get any tickets or paying much more than what they would have paid initially. Keep in mind that due to market driven price fluctuations, we can not honor prices that were quoted out at an earlier date.

* What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?

Always treat your tickets as if they were cash as they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Please keep your tickets in a safe, dry place.

* Why are there similar or worse seats at a higher price?

Our website lists tickets held by different sources. Therefore, not everything listed actually comes from our internal inventory. As a result, prices for seats worse than others may actually be priced higher. These different sources listing their tickets determine their own prices, which may be more or less than our listings. Therefore, customers will see worse seat tickets listed at higher prices.

* What is Ticketfast?

Ticketfast tickets are the new form of print-your-own tickets being offered by Ticketmaster. Due to security agreements with various agents, unless otherwise noted, Ticketfast tickets are printed and shipped to the customer just as any other ticket would be. Ticketfast tickets are as valid as traditional hard tickets. The name printed on the ticket belongs to the individual whose credit card was used to purchase the ticket originally; however, this does not require that individual to be the one using the ticket.

* How can tickets listed on the website not be available?

Unlike most of our competitors, the website you are viewing is updated in real-time. Even still, tickets are sometimes sold by the holding ticket broker between their updates to our system. We have strict requirements for the ticket brokers we work with so this is rarely a problem. If tickets you purchased are no longer available, we will try to upgrade your seats at no additional cost or you may cancel your order if you prefer.

* How do I contact you?

Please call us toll-free at 866.248.8132. We look forward to hearing from you.