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Kenny Chesney has been taking country music by storm for many years. His relaxing style makes sure fans of his music and concerts are carried away to a beach far away from life’s problems. Kenny Chesney’s concerts are full of energy, with breathtaking light and imagery sure to take any fan’s breath away. Kenney Chesney tour dates are some of the most sought-after live shows in the world, and it’s an honor well earned. Be sure to catch a Kenny Chesney tour when it comes to your town. You won’t be disappointed.
Stay tuned here for additional dates and announcements regarding tours, and in the meantime, remember, No shoes, No Shirt, No Problem!

Kenny Chesney Biography: The Country Music Journey

Prepare to embark on a musical odyssey with Kenny Chesney, a quintessential figure in the realm of country music. Born on March 26, 1968, in the heart of Knoxville, Tennessee, his story is a riveting narrative of passion, dedication, and a relentless love for the stage. Chesney’s journey has woven a tapestry of musical mastery, live performances, and an illustrious career marked by chart-topping hits and accolades.

The Early Strumming Days

Kenny Chesney’s story begins in Knoxville, a place where his roots run deep. Born to David Chesney, an elementary school teacher, and Karen Chandler, a talented hairstylist, music was an innate part of his DNA. Growing up, Kenny embraced his English and Irish heritage and, with unwavering curiosity, set out to conquer the world of music.

His early years saw a balanced blend of sports and harmonious strumming. Graduating from Gibbs High School in 1986, Chesney received a life-changing Christmas gift – his first guitar. Little did he know that this instrument would become the vessel through which he’d craft his destiny.

In 1989, while studying advertising at East Tennessee State University, Chesney took his first steps towards realizing his dream. He recorded a demo album titled “Good Old Boy At Heart” and promptly sold 1,000 copies. This feat allowed him to procure a new guitar, solidifying his path in the world of country music.

The Ascent Begins

After graduating from East Tennessee State in 1990, Kenny Chesney planted his boots in Nashville, the heart of country music. Nashville was the stage, and Chesney was ready to perform. He graced local clubs with his musical prowess, laying the groundwork for a spectacular career.

In March 1991, he hit a milestone when he passed an audition to sing at the renowned The Bluebird Cafe. The city’s historic district welcomed him as the resident performer at The Turf, a honky-tonk bar where he honed his craft, singing his heart out to enthralled audiences.

The Journey of Hits

In 1992, destiny’s winds shifted when Clay Bradley, the head of writer relations at BMI, recommended Kenny Chesney to Troy Tomlinson, a connection that would change his life. Chesney, armed with his guitar and heartfelt lyrics, mesmerized the audience during his audition. Tomlinson was captivated, and the result was a songwriter’s contract, the first chapter in Chesney’s storied career.

A year later, Chesney signed with Capricorn Records, launching his debut album, “In My Wildest Dreams,” in April 1994. Although the album’s first singles, “Whatever It Takes” and “The Tin Man,” found their place on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart, it was his transition to BNA Records in June 1995 that accelerated his rise to stardom.

Awards and Hits Galore

Kenny Chesney’s country music journey was peppered with accolades and hits. Here’s a glimpse of his accomplishments:

  • Awards:
  • Country Music Association Awards: Twelve wins, including four Entertainer of the Year honors.
  • Academy of Country Music Awards: Eleven awards, with four consecutive Entertainer of the Year titles from 2005 to 2008.
  • Grammy Awards: Six nominations, showcasing his musical excellence.
  • Discography:
  • “In My Wildest Dreams” (1994)
  • “All I Need to Know” (1995)
  • “Me and You” (1996)
  • “I Will Stand” (1997)
  • “Everywhere We Go” (1999)
  • “Greatest Hits” (2000)
  • “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” (2002)
  • “When the Sun Goes Down” (2004)
  • “Be as You Are (Songs from an Old Blue Chair)” (2005)
  • “The Road and the Radio” (2005)
  • “Live: Live Those Songs Again” (2006)
  • “Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates” (2007)
  • “Lucky Old Sun” (2008)
  • “Greatest Hits II” (2009)
  • “Hemingway’s Whiskey” (2010)
  • “Life on a Rock” (2013)
  • “The Big Revival” (2014)
  • “Cosmic Hallelujah” (2016)
  • “Songs for the Saints” (2018)
  • “Here and Now” (2020)

The Power of the Stage

Kenny Chesney’s journey isn’t just about his hits and awards; it’s also about his unparalleled live shows. His performances have left audiences spellbound, and his tours are nothing short of extraordinary. A glimpse at some remarkable moments:

  • The 2007 Flip-Flop Summer Tour became the second-highest-grossing country road trip of the year, second only to The Police.
  • His “Poets and Pirates Tour” took off in 2008, even after he had a foot injury during a performance. His dedication to his fans shone through, and he didn’t cancel a single show.
  • In 2015, “The Big Revival Tour” kicked off, including ten electrifying shows with Jason Aldean.

Philanthropic Heart

Beyond the music, Kenny Chesney is a humanitarian. In the wake of Hurricane Irma in 2017, he donated his private jet to reunite two stranded teenagers with their mother. He established the “Love for Love City” fund to assist hurricane victims, directing proceeds from his album “Songs for the Saints” to support the cause.

Kenny Chesney’s story is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and an unwavering love for the art of country music. With countless hits, awards, and mesmerizing live performances,

he continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.

Get Ready for the Next Tour!

Stay tuned for Kenny Chesney’s upcoming tour dates – an experience you won’t want to miss! This journey is far from over.

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  1. Conrad Kovash

    Are you coming to Spokane, WA???

  2. Robert Stinson

    The concert at Ford Field Michigan, is a week before my anniversary. Our wedding song was Me and You, but my kids got in an accident on the way to the wedding. So I had to go to the hospital to be with the kids, and we never got that dance. I really hope you play Me and You. This woman is the love of my life, and that song means a lot. Another of your songs, Keeper of the stars, is something I can relate to. I truelly believe my meeting this woman was divine intervention. I have never been happier in life, and I would do anything for this woman. To hear our song would make the entire concert a night to remember. Thank you!!!!

  3. L Quinn

    Really appreciated the show last night in Calgary. Surreal but real. Intimate. Humble. Cool glass of water. Just what I needed after a rough beginning to summer … death in the family and a serious car accident. Thank You

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Kenny Chesney Previous Tour Dates

Chesney won the Billboard Touring Award for Top Package Tour five consecutive years between 2005 and 2009, and again in 2011, 2012, and 2015.


  • 1998: I Will Stand Tour
  • 1999: Everywhere We Go Tour
  • 2000-01: Kenny Chesney on Tour
  • 2002: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems Tour
  • 2003: Margaritas 'n Senoritas Tour
  • 2004: Guitars, Tiki Bars and a Whole Lotta Love Tour
  • 2005: Somewhere in the Sun Tour
  • 2006: The Road and The Radio Tour
  • 2007: Flip-Flop Summer Tour
  • 2008: Poets and Pirates Tour
  • 2009: Sun City Carnival Tour
  • 2013: No Shoes Nation Tour
  • 2015: The Big Revival Tour
  • 2016: Spread the Love Tour
  • 2018: Trip Around the Sun Tour
  • 2019: Songs for the Saints Tour
  • 2022: Here and Now Tour
  • 2023: I Go Back Tour


  • 2011: Goin' Coastal Tour (with the Zac Brown Band)
  • 2012: Brothers of the Sun Tour (with Tim McGraw)

Opening act

  • 1998, 1999, 2000: George Strait Country Music Festival (for George Strait)

Kenny Chesney Biography

Kenney Chesney has recorded 22 albums, 14 of which have been certified Gold or higher. Kenny has also produced more than 40 top 10 singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts, 29 of which have reached number one on the charts. Most of these have also charted high within the top 40 of the US Billboard Hot 100, making him one of the few successful crossover country artists. He has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

Chesney co-directed and produced a film for ESPN entitled The Boys of Fall. He has received six Academy of Country Music awards (including four consecutive Entertainer of the Year awards from 2005 to 2008), as well as six awards from the Country Music Association. He is one of the most popular touring acts in country music, regularly selling out the venues in which he performs. His 2007 Flip-Flop Summer Tour Dates was the highest-grossing country road trip of the year.

The Country Music Association honored Chesney with the Entertainer of the Year award for multiple years in 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008. Other outstanding honors he received include the Academy of Country Music's 1997 New Male Vocalist of the Year, 2002 Top Male Vocalist of the Year, and the Triple Crown Award in 2005. He was awarded his fourth consecutive Entertainer of the Year award from the Academy of Country Music in 2008.

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