Carrie Underwood Tour Dates | Tickets

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood is taking things a little easier this year with just select festival and special event performances before she fires back up the big touring machine. Make sure you go see Carrie whenever you get the chance. We promise you’ll be blown away!

Carrie Underwood Tour 2015 - 2016 Tickets

Event Venue Date/Time  
All For The Hall: Vince Gill, Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley Playstation Theater (formerly Best Buy Theatre - Times Square)
New York, NY
8:30 PM
Carrie Underwood Laughlin Events Center
Laughlin, NV
8:00 PM
ACM Party For A Cause - 3 Day Pass MGM Resorts Village
Las Vegas, NV
Oregon Jamboree Music Festival: Carrie Underwood - 3 Day Pass Oregon Jamboree
Sweet Home, OR

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170 Responses to “Carrie Underwood Tour Dates | Tickets”

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  2. Where is her 2009 concert schedule? I can’t find it anywhere.

  3. when is carrie gonna post her tour dates cuz im sooooooooooo ready to go to one of her concert she is the best singer in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. is there goin to be any concerts in el paso tx. or las cruces nm??

  5. um for real is she not having a tour or whats the deal? no west palm beach florida or tampa florida????

  6. i was wondering if carrie underwood sing at our prom in 2012 for free because i really love her i watched since she was on idol so please think about it i now its a long time away but it would make my last year as a senior great
    XOXO you rock carrie underwood

  7. i wish they would post the tour dates i really want to go to one of her concerts she is the best country singer every

  8. Is carrie coming to Arkansas????

  9. when will Carrie tour to Iowa???


  11. hey carrie i am a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG fan and here in the little town of baxter everyone loves u and everyone is dyin to c u the school only has about 450 kids and its a k-12 scool so u have to come please please please please

  12. I can’t find the dates anywhere! I hope they come out soon…please tour to South Dakota! No one ever comes to our state and your my favorite singer. <3

  13. u have 2 com 2 san saba texas or Austin everyone in this little town looooooves u!!!!! we only have about 300 kids in our school. its a k-12 grade skool. you have to come . you r my faaaaaave singer pleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz come ; )

  14. Iwould realy love to see you in concert so please tour to West Virginia’s Charelston Civic center sometime soon. i love you song Jesus Tke the Wheel and would love to hear it live.

  15. tour to phoenix ARIZONA!!!!!

  16. Any concert dates for Carrie for San Diego?
    San Diego loves Carrie!

  17. I want to go to one of her concerts. badly…..

  18. i want the tour datessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Carrie I would love to meet you one day! It’s a dream of mine but for now I am content with seeing you in concert as much as possible until I finally meet you….you seem like a wonderful lady and you are an inspiration to me! Come to Cleveland Ohio! We will make you proud! Ohio Loves you so much!

  20. Hey Carrie,

    I’m not sure if you read this website, but if you do, I really hope to get a reply from you.

    I am Rachel Voon Kin Fang and I just won a big singing competition here in Malaysia (Between Thailand and Singapore). The grand prize is a trip to my meet my idol worth 15K sponsored by Rexona (Unilever)!! You can check out the website of me singing at

    It’s no surprise that I’ve chosen you to visit and I really really hope that will come true. I am still planning my trip to US but am not sure where will you be in this December 2009.

    If you are reading this, please please reply…. Or if anyone out there knows how I can get to her, your replies are very much welcome =)

  21. Where is the tour dates????? C´mon!!!

  22. Where is the tour dates?

  23. heyy carrie tour to Rutland Vermont or Burlington we love you COME COME

  24. tour to seattle i want to see you hella bad


  26. Please come back to Chicago Carrie!!! your Concerts are amazing and so are you :D

  27. hey carrie you should tour to monana and go to the metra park arena in billings it an awesome pllace to have a concert like nilkeback had a concert there and i was there. slipnot was suppose to until the drummer died but you get the point. well the girls love your music. please tour to montana and i will be there…


  29. hey, i a your BIGGEST FANS IN THE WORLD. i really want to tour to one of your concerts but i dont think you had one in louisiana. Can u please have one of your concerts here so i can go to one on my birthday and i am going to take all my friends to your concerts if you ever have one in louisiana.mybirthday is January 2nd. I have never went to one of your concerts because i used to live in a foster home until i got adopted to a nice family that is rich and they will take me to any concert of yours+ all y frends so please have one of your concerts in louisiana. It would be nce i it ws in new orleans.

  30. hi carrie i am a big fan and i was wondering if you were coming to cleveland ohio c’mon carrie i have been dying to see you forever

  31. Hey yeh i just need the tour dates for a project

  32. [...] know is whether her concerts are better than this tv special? Guess we’ll have to wait until Carrie Underwood announces her 2010 concert tour to find out won’t we? addthis_url = location.href; addthis_title = document.title; [...]

  33. [...] Carrie Underwood Tour [...]

  34. OMG! We are so lucky that Carrie is coming to LAFAYETTE, LA!!! Britney didn’t even tour to Lafayette and she is FROM LOUISIANA! I’m so excited and cant wait to buy our tickets! WE LOVE YOU CARRIE!!!

  35. Carrie would you ever consider playing at the Telluride Colorado Wine Festival? June 25 or 26 to 3,000-5000 fans? Great outdoor venue.

  36. Cool(: I cant wait to see my role model live. Your like super amazing and super pretty(: i love you so much(: im gonna make my parents buy me a ticket for april 23 grand rapids micchigan. I love you and your songs so much!

  37. prettty, pretty, prettttyyyyy, PLEASE tour to MINNESOTA!! I’ve been waiting to see you, but you never come:(

  38. Please please please please please please please tour to Idaho or Utah. There are sooooo many Carrie fans here and it would be really great to be able to go to a concert!!!!

  39. Carrie! Come to Canada please! We love you up north espesially in Vancouver!

  40. ok so i got to know the tour dates and where to make sure she will be some where either in my city or close to me :D i haven’t missed a concert yet and don’t plan to

  41. u R the best


  43. So disappointed that she is only doing to shows in Canada. I really wished she was coming to ALBERTA, we have ahuge country fan base here!!! PLEASE!!!!

  44. Sorry only doing shows in Ontario Canada, show the west some love!

  45. Will Carrie be coming in tour near Miami, FL or Ft. Lauderdale, FL? I would love to be able to take my wife but I can’t get a baby sitter if it’s out of town. Thanks.

  46. I love Carrie Underwood and was soooo excited to hear she is coming to Boise for her 2010 tour. HOWEVER, tix prices are $165 for “bad” seats, $348 for “good” seats and $438-$970″ for “awesome” seats. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!I I usually like to buy really good seats, but I cannot afford to pay that much for a concert tix, and I don’t know of anyone who can. I hope tix prices are reconsidered!

  47. When will Carrie tour to Iowa?

  48. Trying to find the ones that will benefit your business

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  50. Hey Carrie how about Ohau, Hi Not only a island to vacation in and be part of but we would love to see you and hear your great voice.

  51. I have been to your blog before. The more I take in, the more I keep coming back! ;-)


  53. i love you carrie you are the best singer in the world will you please tour to colorado in july some time next year and sing jesus take the wheel. that is my favorite song. i would do anything to see you in concert. if i could get a back stage pass to see you then that would be the best day of my life.

  54. hey this is your biggest fan which is Taylor Strom and i hard that ur going to be at a consert in Alantana on October 27,2011 next year and Iam going to be there so i can meet u. and my friend Susan and my sister Lauren wants to know if i could get 3 atou graph. can i get 3 atou graphs? You are really pretty and you sing pretty. And i love u. Where do u leave so i can tour to your house and see u. What r u going to sing at ur consert on October 27,2011? Write me back if u have time please. And you are the best singer in the world.Can u tour to perry and sing jesus take the wheel? that is my favorite song. I would do anything to u see u in the concert i promise. When i get to see u on that day it will be fun because we are going to take pictures with u if its ok with u. that would be the best day in my life forever if i got to see u on that day. I love u sooo much. Sometimes i listen to your songs. Is ur husband still living or did he died. please write back if u have time. My hole name is Taylor Marie Strom. Its just like urs because your middle name is Marie. I love u so much.
    From: Taylor Marie

    To: Carrie Marie

  55. Well written article, I am a avid fan of your site, keep up the informative work, and I will be a regular visitor for a very long time.

  56. Hello,
    I would just like to know what Carrie’s tour dates are for the 2011 year. I would also like to know if there are any dates in 2011 in California, as in Sacramento or Northern California. When you find out anything about the 2011 tour dates please email me at:
    Thank you,
    Taylor Collins

  57. This tour is going to be amazing! I am very excited to see Carrie perform and I know I will not be let down. She is inspiring as well as a fabulous performer. You are missing out if you dont go to one of these concerts on her fall tour!

  58. I really hope carrie underwood can have a concert in hartford,ct because I really want to see her sing songs and stuff and maybe get a backstage pass if I can and I really want to win so i can meet her and tell her I am a very big fan of her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Katie Brown

  59. Will Carrie ever be touring Australia.

  60. You should tour to Superior Wisconsin. Way up by Lake Superior!

  61. Just saw her in Nashville with Billy Currington!!! He was incredible but she had THE best show I have ever seen and in my 45 years I have seen plenty!!!! She was AWESOME!!

  62. A buddy of mine gave me a hyperlink to your website. It is genuinely cool, I’ll be back again for positive.

  63. Carrie please tour to malaysia

  64. Is there any chance you will be in North Caralina?????

  65. I loved this article! It was so helpful to my schoolwork! Thank you for posting such a wonderful article! ^^

  66. Please tour to cleveland ohio!!!! I love your song!!!

  67. is there gonna be a australia tour?????????

  68. Will you please tour to Savannah Civic Center

  69. when are you going to tour to wenchee wa you always go to yakima. come see us here !!!! we love you

  70. when are you going to tour to wenchee wa you always go to yakima.

  71. COME TO PA !!!!!!!!!!


  72. 3 albums and still no tour of Australia :( very disappointing!

  73. Hi Carrie,
    My name is Brooks and you are the best singer ever! You are my favorite person in the whole world. I know you hear that everyday ,but you really are. Even my email has your name in it. When you have a concert, can you tour to Catonsville? I would really like to meet you. My favorite song is… well, I guess I don’t have a favorite song. All of your songs are my favorite:) Could you email me one day? My b-day is tomorrow, the 2nd. I know that has noting to do with anything, but maybe you could email me?


  75. Please tour to the Philippines. We all love you here.

  76. I was wondering if she was coming any where near Maryland possibly?

  77. Hi. I know most of the people on here just would die to have you tour to there not asking for that even though it would be nice because you are a very beautiful talented lady. Not everyone in the world is able to do what you do.Keep up the good work and hope you have a good day because in the end we’re all just people looking for the same good days and love and im sure having someone just to tell you to have a good day every now and then is a good thing. hope it sunshines for you today. Hope your life continues to bring you blessings.

  78. Just as Julia said pls tour to the Netherlands…I am a huge fan and it would be fantastic to go to one of your concerts once

  79. will Carrie Underwood be coming out w/ a new album in 2011?? and will there be concerts?? We ( the fans) love Carrie and can’t wait to see and hear from her soon!!

  80. will Carrie Underwood be coming out w/ a new album in 2011?? and will there be concerts?? We ( the fans) love Carrie and can’t wait to see and hear from her soon!! Carrie rocks!

  81. PLZ PLZ PLZ tour to sault ste marie ! you my idol it would mean the world if you came ! :)

  82. Dear Carrie Underwood,
    My name is Nathan Donnelly. I am 16 years old. I was wondering if you could have a concert in Ohio because my girlfriend and I are such big fans of yours. Plus we both want to meet you in person :) So can please try to tour to ohio.

    Love your # 1 fan Nathan

  83. Dear Carrie,

    I saw you in albany and I have to say that your concert was the best I have ever been to. I am such a huge fan and if you could come back to Albany NY that would be soooo amazing.

    Love Marie

  84. ‘;; I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information :.,

  85. hay carrie! Please tour to australia! Your amazing and we’d love to see ya live down under:) hope to see ya in 2011…. Xoxo

  86. Hey Carrie! i love your voice! Best voice ever! Please tour to The Assembly Hall in Champaign IL. I’m dying to see you in concert!

  87. Hey Carrie, you have a great voice that stands out above all, in a league of your own. My whole family would love to see you sing, my daughter sings several of your songs. If you are still booking for the year please tour to Huntsville, Alabama.

  88. Hey Im Hannah and i was wondering when are you coming to Stillwater MN?? Its my ALL time wish to meet you im 13 and i want to go on to American Idol!!!

  89. Please tour to columbus georgia and I know you cant go everywhere at once but mabe oneday you might could find the time to come


  91. Mrs. Underwood, my name is Alyssa Waters and I love your music sooooo much I’m trying out for american idol next year to one of your songs its so hard to choose cause i love all of them.

  92. Mrs. Underwood, my name is alyssa
    and I love your music sooooo much I’m trying out for american idol next year to one of your songs its so hard to choose cause i love all of them.

  93. Mrs. Underwood, I love your music sooooo much I’m trying out for american idol next year to one of your songs its so hard to choose cause i love all of them.

  94. Carrie, You are a beautiful lady and the best country singer, female, ever. If you ever tour to Columbus, Ohio again, I will be there and love to meet you. Keep it up girl, you are wonderful.

  95. tour to boisie idaho puleez

  96. Wow, where do I begin. !st concert @ dixon fairgrounds in Ca. 2nd concert @ SJ, Ca. opened 4 Keith Urban. 3rd concert @ oakland Ca. 4th concert @ SJ,Ca. Your music is very inspiring to me. There is one song that stands out to me and that is Temporary Home, very moving song and so very true. Well we got bad news and my cousin’s baby 4 months old had died. My mom and sister sang that song during the funeral and no dry eyes in the house. The priest said that was a very acurate song for the service, and was just talking about how we all are children of god and you don’t know when he will call upon you. Well my cousin never heard that song and right after the services she went straight to the store to buy your cd. Keep up the awesome music, and all of the great things you do for our country. Happy for you and Mike (ace too ). keep writing songs cuz I will keep seeing you in concert. Best wishes, Jen

    Where going through some times at my house. where really running low on cash. Me, my sister can listen to your music, and know we can work through anything. please keep being AWESOME and keep writing songs!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Carrie, will you please tour to Austin texas.. I would REALLY love that. Thanks :) ILY! <3

  99. Have you ever toured Moscow, Russia???

  100. Will you tour to Denver Co.??

  101. Does she even read this?? Mrs.Fisher/Carrie Underwood
    if you don’t mind I would love it if you could make time in your busy schedule to tour to Bryan, Texas please? Me and my family love your music and would love to meet you or come see you in concert. However if you can’t I understand that. A musicians life can be very busy. You probably don’t even have time to spend with your husband, do you? I’m sure you would rather go and visit your home town though. I would to. Anyway if you can’t that would be just fine. I just wanted to tell you that.

    Thank you for your time,

  102. When is Carrie ever going to do a concert in Hawaii???

  103. I am always looking online for wordsthat can help me. Thank you so much.

  104. HI Carrie I don’t know if you will actually get to read this, But when you were in Minneapolis, last year you were rehearing at the profile event center, in SE. Mpls, I do the lighting there, and that day you were there, I was having surgery, and could “nt get a chance to see you, You are a very blessed and gifted lady, with a unbelieveable voice that is angel like, I checked and found out you will not be coming to the MN state fair this year, I am sorry that you wont, I wish you the best in your future and God will look after you, How great thou art, sung by you brings tears to my eyes, you are just fablous, May God bless you always RJ

  105. If you still scheduling concerts I’d love to see one in the Massachusetts area. I really think it would attract a lot of people. Could there be a concert at Gilette Stadium?

  106. heyyyy girl u rock my socks lolz :)

  107. i know you got married, but its been a year! when are you going to start singing again? you have a BEAUTIFUL voice and are a very talented singer! don’t stop now! :)

  108. Carrie, Please tour to Bayou Country Superfest 2012 held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! We love you! LSU Tiger stadium

  109. Carrie! Come to the UK!
    I listen to you everyday! None of my favourite singers tour to the UK! It’s so annoying!

  110. Hey very nice website!! Man .. Excellent .. Amazing .. I’ll bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…I am happy to find so many useful info here in the post, we need develop more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  111. Carrie I love you and i am a huge fan! i know all the words to all of you songs and i think you should have a concert in Louisiana!!

  112. Carrie, I have been a fan of yours since the minute I saw you step foot on stage at American Idol. You are such an inspiration to me. I have been through so much in my life time and all your songs have made a huge impact on me. I live in Las Vegas, NV and it would be amazing if you could come here or somewhere around here sometime.
    Me and my friend have been trying to plan being able to go to a concert of yours for a long time and maybe even be able to meet you. You have made me get through so many obstacles in life. I would love to here that you decided to tour to Vegas. <3

  113. Hey Carrie! My name is Leah! I am turning 16 this Sunday and get to see you at Ravinia in September! You are my first concert ever! I’m sooooo excited. Would you be willing to give me a birthday shout out? or a chance to sing with you onstage? or a chance to meet you? I don’t have a lot of money but I just want to enjoy my birthday. I’m sooo excited to see you! keep writting, keep singing, keep doing everything you do so well!! <3 ya!
    _Thank you


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  116. tour to boston please please pleassee!

    I love you!!!!

  117. I love you Carrie.


  118. Is Carrie Underwood coming to Tennessee in 2011 or 2012?

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  123. I love Carrie Underwood!!!!!! I have been to 2 of her concerts. She was great everytime.

  124. Please consider touring through Europe (Germany) we would love to have you here

  125. We’ve been to 5 concertsand we want more in central NY

  126. Please tour to Cincinnati you have never come here!

  127. Please tour to Cincinnati you have never come here!

  128. Does anyone know if Carrie will be playing in New York City around March or April? and Carrie if you're not you should because I really want to see you in concert for my 16th :)

    Thanks: your biggest fan ever!

  129. I. Love. About. Carrie. Underwood.

  130. Carrie! Ill be at at the show 9/13 on Friday it's my 21st birthday and my first country concert so excited I hope I get to meet you that would be the best present ever!

  131. Carrie I want u at my birthday!!!!

  132. I would love to hear u play at Country Thunder 2014.. Please…or any year after that.. Wisconsin

  133. Carrie I love you will you tour to my birthday so I con meat you. it would be so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. If I tour to your concert can I sing with you


  136. Avery Marie??!!!!

  137. tour to seattle again please

  138. Come to my birthday this year please

  139. For my grandaughter tour to my bday

  140. carrie undewood are you comeing to sant papaul for a tore is sant paul one of the city your tour to so i can see you in prson

  141. You should visit Chicago!

  142. tour to the netherlands !!

  143. Why don't she perform in Houston texas

  144. Please tour to Toronto Canada we love you over here .

  145. You should visit Lansing Michigan


  147. Wow, incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
    you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is wonderful, as well
    as the content!

  148. Come to Oklahoma

  149. If I tour to your concert can I sing with you

  150. When is Carrie Underwood coming to Oklahoma?

  151. Currently it sounds like WordPress is the best blogging platform available right now.
    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  152. I’m not a fan, but my 13yo nephew is, I was wondering if Carrie underwood is coming to Colorado any time soon.


  154. Great work! And thank you!

  155. I love you but seriously $130 for nosebleed seats at a state fair?

  156. My family has loved you since when you first played on American idol. it would mean the world if you went to alaska or New Mexico. I think only Tim McGraw and billy Ray cyrus were the only country singer for alaska. But I now live in New Mexico close to El Paso. But I would pay anything to see your concert or you. Considering we both share the most awesome name ever.

  157. My family has loved you since when you first played on American idol. it would mean the world if you went to alaska or New Mexico. But I now live in New Mexico close to El Paso. But I would pay anything to see your concert or you. Considering we both share the most awesome name ever.

  158. Plz Carrie come to Kentucky. I love u Carrie I really want to see you on my birthday.. My birthday is in September…. Plzz

  159. Wish you would come to Portland, OR!!!

  160. Wish you would come to morrilton christian center

  161. I have always wanted to attend a concert of yours and meet you, Carrie Underwood!!! PLEASE come to North Carolina!! I have been thinking about saving up some way to see you! I was suppose to see you and Hunter Hayes for my birthday one year but we didn't have the money at the time! ): I would love it if you came to North Carolina and I could see you in concert and meet you! my life would be made if I could!! (:

  162. I've always wanted to see you live and sing along with your powerful lungs. You came here almost 2years ago, ON MY BDAY. But I couldn't go, was very sick. Please come to Indianapolis again!!!

  163. [...] Music Awards live in Nashville on Wednesday, June 10, with Erin Andrews and Brittany Snow hosting. Carrie Underwood, Reba, Florida Georgia Line, Darius Rucker, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Lady [...]

  164. Please come to Houston tx i have been wantung so bad to see you in concert since i seen you win on American Idol

  165. Who is opening up for the shows listed

  166. Hello there Carrie Underwood please come to Boston MA thanks rich Cocchi

  167. Need to come to the ATL

  168. Please, please with a cherry on top come to Charlotte,NC!! My two daughters are very big into music and I've promised to take them to see Carrie when she comes to Charlotte. We r HUGE fans. My youngest daughter is working on "something in the water" with her voice teacher for her recital.

  169. Please come to Chicago, IL!!!!

  170. I saw you in Columbus Ohio twice and cant wait till u return you r a true superstar of country music keep on going thank you

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