Learn More About Verified Celebrity Social Media Accounts

In the online world it’s easy for any scammer to create an account on social media pretending to be anyone they want. In recent months we’ve seen a massive wave of country music fans fall victim to fake celebrity scams that cost them not only money, but heartache and a loss of trust in the artist that scammer was impersonating. Since we’re in the business of getting you closer to the real deal, here are a few easy ways to spot a fake celebrity account on social media.

First and foremost, most social media platforms now offer a “Verified” badge. While each platform’s badge varies slightly, they all seem to be some form of blue icon that includes a check-mark. In order to award this badge to an account, a live human working for that platform has taken the time to reach out to that user, confirm their legal identification, and ensure that the account is an authorized outlet for that celebrity, whether it’s the celebrity themselves or their PR team managing it. Only then are they awarded with the blue verification badge.


Verified Celebrity Accounts

Verified Accounts Should:

  • Link to the artists official website in their bio
  • Have a URL that makes sense with the displayed account name.
  • Post regularly about the projects they are in

Verified Accounts Should Not:

  • EVER direct message asking for money or login information
  • Have a URL that looks like a random string of characters
  • Post gibberish, nonsense, or updates that are riddled with grammatical errors
  • Have unreasonably low follower accounts

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When in doubt, rule it out. If the account user is messaging you with offers that seem too good to be true, chances are they’re not true at all. Contest winners and receivers of special opportunities are normally given a contact phone number or email address to make arrangements for receiving their prize. You can reverse search that contact information to make sure it tracks back to the either the real celebrity or their representatives. No contest winner should EVER be asked to pay for shipping or other fees associated with receiving their prizes.

Shauna “WhiskeyChick” Castorena has provided this piece as one of our founding editors. You can find more informational posts about the music and social media marketing industry on her official site, WhiskeyChick.rocks.