Sara Evans Tour Dates 2024 & 2025

>Sara Evans is everything a country music star should be. Gracious. Graceful. and of course, talented as all get out. Take in Sara in all her wonder as she tours through your town!

Sara Evans

About Sara Evans:

Sara Evans is a multi-talented country music artist known for her powerful vocals and heartfelt songwriting. Hailing from Missouri, she burst onto the scene in the late 1990s with her debut album “Three Chords and the Truth,” which featured hits like “No Place That Far” and “Born to Fly.” Sara’s music combines traditional country with elements of pop and rock, creating a sound that’s uniquely her own. With her captivating performances and timeless songs, she has earned numerous awards and accolades, including ACM and CMA Awards. Beyond her music career, Sara is also a best-selling author and philanthropist, using her platform to inspire and empower others.

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