Toby Keith Tour Dates 2024 & 2025

Toby Keith Tour Dates

While we all mourn the loss of this iconic country legend, many artist are gathering to honor Toby Keith with tribute performances to celebrate his highly successful career and remarkable contributions to country music!

Toby Keith was easily the embodiment of country music sass and crass. The “How Do You Like Me Now” singer was known for creating parties that rock from the “Red Solo Cup” in your hand, to the gals that “Wanna Talk About Me” and even leave the rock fans thinking they “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”. Following his recent battle against cancer, Toby unfortunately lost his battle on February 5th, 2024 at just 62 years old.

Toby Keith Biography

Toby Keith, born as Toby Keith Covel on July 8, 1961, was an American country music icon. His remarkable journey through the world of country music is an inspiring tale of passion, perseverance, and the power of storytelling. From his humble beginnings in Oklahoma to becoming one of the most successful artists in the industry, Toby Keith’s story is a testament to the enduring spirit of country music.


  • Studio Albums
  • Toby Keith (1993)
  • Boomtown (1994)
  • Blue Moon (1996)
  • Dream Walkin’ (1997)
  • How Do You Like Me Now?! (1999)
  • Pull My Chain (2001)
  • Unleashed (2002)
  • Shock’n Y’all (2003)
  • Honkytonk University (2005)
  • White Trash with Money (2006)
  • Big Dog Daddy (2007)
  • That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy (2008)
  • American Ride (2009)
  • Bullets in the Gun (2010)
  • Clancy’s Tavern (2011)
  • Hope on the Rocks (2012)
  • Drinks After Work (2013)
  • 35 MPH Town (2015)
  • The Bus Songs (2017)
  • Peso in My Pocket (2021)
  • Christmas Albums
  • Christmas to Christmas (1995)
  • A Classic Christmas (2007)
  • Compilation Albums
  • 35 Biggest Hits (2008)


Toby Keith’s talent has not gone unnoticed, and he has received several prestigious awards throughout his career. These accolades include:

  • Academy of Country Music’s Top Male Vocalist and Album of the Year (2001)
  • American Country Awards’ Artist of the Decade (2011)
  • Songwriters Hall of Fame induction (2015)
  • And many more.

Early Life

Born in Clinton, Oklahoma, Toby Keith’s love for music began at a young age. Growing up in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and later Moore, Oklahoma, he spent summers at his grandmother’s supper club, Billie Garner’s Supper Club, where he developed a fascination for musicians and started playing the guitar at the age of eight. His early experiences shaped his love for music and paved the way for his extraordinary career.

Musical Career

Toby Keith’s musical journey started with determination and a demo tape. After relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, he struggled to make an impact. His breakthrough came when a flight attendant shared his demo tape with a Mercury Records executive, Harold Shedd. This serendipitous encounter led to his recording contract and the release of his self-titled debut album in 1993.

Toby’s debut single, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” not only reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart but also became the most-played country song of the 1990s. This success marked the beginning of an incredible career. His subsequent albums, including “How Do You Like Me Now?!” and “Pull My Chain,” continued to dominate the charts, solidifying his place in country music history.

Acting Career

Toby Keith’s talent isn’t limited to music. He made his acting debut in the film “Broken Bridges” (2006) and starred in “Beer for My Horses” (2008), inspired by his song of the same name. His versatility as an artist extends beyond music, showcasing his storytelling abilities on the big screen.

Business Ventures

In addition to his music and acting career, Toby Keith is a successful entrepreneur. He opened Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, a chain of restaurants in various locations across the United States. His business acumen has made him a prominent figure in both the entertainment and culinary industries.

Personal Life

Toby Keith’s personal life reflects his commitment to family and faith. He is a loving husband and father, and his dedication to causes like Ally’s House, a nonprofit organization supporting children with cancer, demonstrates his philanthropic spirit. Despite facing personal challenges, including a recent battle with cancer, Keith remains a symbol of resilience and hope.

Live Shows

Toby Keith tour dates and live performances have brought his music to fans all over the world. While his discography stands as a testament to his musical prowess, it’s the live shows that truly capture the heart and soul of his music. Stay tuned for Toby Keith’s upcoming tour dates to experience his electrifying performances.

Toby Keith’s journey from a small town in Oklahoma to the pinnacle of country music is a story of determination, talent, and the unbreakable spirit of a true artist. With an impressive discography, numerous awards, and a thriving business empire, Toby Keith continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the globe. His captivating live shows are a testament to his enduring legacy in the world of country music. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the magic of Toby Keith’s live performances – check out his tour dates and experience the magic of his music for yourself.

Toby Keith’s story is a reminder that dreams can become reality with dedication, passion, and a whole lot of heart. Catch Toby Keith tour dates and his highly energetic concert experience now!

Toby Keith Tour News

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Who Is The Opening or Supporting acts For Toby Keith's Tour?

Current Tour Opening Acts
  • Blake Shelton supported the Shock'N Y'all Tour (2003)
  • Lonestar and Gretchen Wilson supported the Big Throwdown Tour (2004)
  • Jo Dee Messina supported the Big Throwdown Tour II (2005)
  • Miranda Lambert, Trace Adkins, and Josh Gracin supported the Hookin' Up and Hangin' Out Tour (2007)
  • Montgomery Gentry and Trailer Choir supported the Biggest and Baddest Tour (2008–09)
  • Trace Adkins and Julianne Hough (on a few dates) supported America's Toughest Tour (2009)
  • Trace Adkins and James Otto supported Toby Keith's American Ride Tour (2010)
  • Eric Church and JT Hodges supported Locked and Loaded Tour (2011)
  • Brantley Gilbert supported Live in Overdrive Tour
  • Kip Moore supported Hammer Down Tour (2013)
  • Kellie Pickler and Eli Young Band supported Hammer Down Under Tour (2014)
  • Colt Ford and Krystal Keith supported Shut Up and Hold On Tour (2014)
  • Eli Young Band and Chris Janson supported Good Times and Pick Up Lines Tour (2015)
  • Eric Paslay supported Interstates and Tailgates Tour (2016)

Toby Keith Tour Setlist 2024

  1. Haven't Had a Drink All Day
  2. American Ride
  3. Made in America
  4. Beers Ago
  5. I Wanna Talk About Me
  6. Whiskey Girl
  7. Rum Is The Reason
  8. Beer for My Horses
  9. God Love Her
  10. Who's That Man
  11. Wish I Didn't Know Now
  12. Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine on You
  13. Who's Your Daddy?
  14. Red Solo Cup
  15. As Good as I Once Was
  16. I Love This Bar
  17. Should've Been a Cowboy
  18. How Do You Like Me Now?!
  19. A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action
  20. Encore: American Soldier
  21. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)

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Toby Keith Previous Tour Dates

  • 2001: Brooks and Dunn's Neon Circus and Wild West Show
  • 2002: Unleashed Tour
  • 2002–13: USO Tours - 11 tours visiting 15 countries and 3 naval ships
  • 2003: Shock'N Y'all Tour
  • 2004: Big Throwdown Tour
  • 2005: Big Throwdown Tour II
  • 2006: White Trash With Money Tour
  • 2007: Hookin' Up and Hangin' Out Tour
  • 2007: Big Dog Daddy Tour
  • 2008–09: Biggest and Baddest Tour
  • 2009: America's Toughest Tour
  • 2010: Toby Keith's American Ride Tour
  • 2011: Locked and Loaded Tour
  • 2011: Live in Overdrive Tour
  • 2013: Hammer Down Tour
  • 2014: Hammer Down Under Tour
  • 2014: Shut Up and Hold On Tour
  • 2015: Good Times and Pick Up Lines Tour
  • 2016: Interstates and Tailgates Tour
  • 2018: Should've Been A Cowboy XXV

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