Kenny Chesney Concert Tour – Poets and Pirates Tour

Kenny Chesney wasn’t always our buddy on the beach… it wasn’t until he reached a point in his career where the hustle and bustle of the mainstream Nashville scene pointed his heart towards the sea that he really his his comfort zone in the industry, but once he did, we all got a great treat. Take a look at this shining moment in country concert history when Kenny Chesney embraced the audience that was destined to be his all along.

Kenny Chesney Concert Tour Info:

Kenny Chesney Tour Dates
Kenny Chesney‘s often called country music’s newest Jimmy Buffet as his small town roots and hybrid sound of country, rock and island music have earned him a reputation as America’s Hillbilly rock star. This summer Kenny Chesney is going all-out on his Poets & Pirates tour with guest performances from major acts like Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Big & Rich, Gary Allan, Leann Rimes, Sammy Hagar, and Brooks & Dunn.

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Very good information here I know this is somthing my boys could be intereseted in thank you for taking the time to make it available to us. Im sure he and he friends will like it too

anthony keever

hi never seen kenny but he is great every song i was wondering when he was coming to new york i am dieing to seeing him please let me know thankyou i will be looking fowerd to it


What song did Kenny Chesney “cover” or “remake” in the Poets & Pirates concert?

Steve S

Anyone know who the line-up is? The Houston show starts at 4 pm…. what time should we plan on Kenny being up?

Kenny Chesney Takes Top Tour Revenue | Country Music News Blog

[…] Kenny Chesney’s Poets and Pirates tour is the leading country tour in the U.S. for the first six months of the year with Rascal Flatts the only other country artist in the top 10, according to Pollstar. Bon Jovi leads the pack with a $56.3 million gross with an average ticket price of $87.98. Chesney enjoyed a gross of $35.3 million with an average price of $75.28. […]


Going to the phila show. i would love to know the band line up!


Kenny was anything but boring at LP Field! What a show! Welcome home Kenny! Thanks for a great show!!!


As a follow up to Rick’s question above about who goes on first, etc. Luke Bryant went on first for about 1/2 hour, then Gary Allan, who was great. Very true voice, no fluff…just great singing. He sang for about 45 minutes. LeeAnn was next….pretty good if you like her. Great voice; about an hour. Then awesome Keith Urban, high energy! Nicole was there, too. Kenny came on around 9:15. He was on for a couple of long, boring hours. He should never follow Keith again! Sorry, I really have been a die-hard KC fan for a long time…maybe I’m outgrowing him, even though he’s the exact same age as me!!! He used to be so genuine in his shows….now he has fake smiles, kind of like all of the pageant contestants he seems to like to date. He should really not take stage lessons from them, b/c he’s coming across as a phony. Such a bummer!


I’ve seen Kenny 4 times, the most recent in Chicago this past weekend. What a disappointment! Had it been my first time seeing him, I would never buy another ticket or CD. NONE of his great songs were sung…all of his beachy, beer drinking in Mexico fluff. I realize that was the theme of his concert, but he really could have included some of his really “good stuff.” The quality of his music has really declines, the bigger he gets. Keith Urban, on the other hand….ROCKED!!! He has no business opening for anyone else as he is a true headliner!


I was wondering if anyone knew the set list for the entire Poets and Pirates tour from S.F. show


Anyone know the event schedule. Im going to Phoenix show wich starts at 3:30pm. Is Gary Allen first and so on? Aprox when does Lee Ann Rimes, Kieth Urban and Kenny each take the stage?? Anyone know?


love this list. I’ve seen Kenny over 20 times in concert and can’t wait for this concert on May 24th.


Patrick, isnt “Go To Hell” a little harsh?…..Kenny is the best but it seems like u have a little man crush on him!!!!!….Relax there buddy


Anthony, I disagree. I love back where i can from and i go back but to be completely honest, for all those who have seen kenny for the past 4-5 years, you could basically predict his setlist for the next show.. this year he is throwing alot of his new music in there which is going to be great to hear. obvioulsy, some of his hits are going to be sacrificed but again all those people who have been there need to see a little bit of a different show and thats what kenny is doing. and go to hell saying that young is not a great song…with that said..pretty much every song he has recorded is great but he only has 2 maybe 2 1/2 hours to play, he cant do them all


I love kenny chesney but that setlist is horrible…….no “back where i come from” or “i go back”??…….how do u leave those out and sing “young” and “big star” which arent good songs at all……and artists feel the need to play these average songs (just not today, shiftwork) off their new albums when there are great songs like “fall in love” and “i lost it” that we havent heard in years and would love to hear in concert again….get on the ball kenny!


He didn’t sing “back where I come from”? I’m surprised. He usually always sings that.


Thanks for posting!! I’m going to see him in Pgh on June 14th. Hope his leg/foot is ok….I heard he was injured at the S.C. show last night.

Ms Angela

YAY!!! Going to see Kenny on the 2nd of May in OKC…..thanks for posting the setlist…..


Setlist from Kenny Chesney’s Concert on Friday, April 18, 2008 @ Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT!!!

Live Those Songs Again
Summer Time
Beer in Mexico
Keg in the Closet
Wild Ride
Big Star
No Shoes No Shirt No Problem
Don’t Blink
Just Not Today
Shift Work
Living in Fast Forward
Never Wanted Nothing More
What I Need to Do
Just Don’t Happen Twice
Better as a Memory
When The Sun Goes Down
However Feels


Anything But Mine
She’s Think’s My Tractor’s Sexy

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