Bon Jovi’s Stamp on Nashville: Groundbreaking Broadway Venue Confirmed to Open in 2024

In partnership with BPH Hospitality, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nashville-based Big Plan Holdings, the iconic rock band confirms involvement in a new, first-of-its-kind bar and restaurant that embraces Bon Jovi’s legacy along with the diversity of music and people.

Bon Jovi's Stamp on Nashville: Groundbreaking Broadway Venue Confirmed to Open in 2024

NASHVILLE, TN – In a personal confirmation that sets the stage for a seismic shift in Nashville’s music scene, Jon Bon Jovi along with his band has announced the spring 2024 opening of his newest venture, JBJ’s Nashville. Positioned to stand out amid traditional Lower Broadway, JBJ’s will tower as the tallest and second largest bar by square footage, boasting 37,000 square feet dedicated to a rock ‘n’ roll revolution along with carrying forward the roots of country music from Nashville’s storied history.
“We’re looking forward to having a place in Nashville that we call home.  When Big Plan Holdings and the team of Josh and Tara Joseph asked us if we were interested, it wasn’t because we were just another rock band, it was because we are a band with deep roots in Nashville.  We have had wonderful times in Nashville recording several albums and working with some of the finest people in all the music business.  I can’t wait to toast all of Broadway and get to know our neighbors!” said Jon Bon Jovi.

The building’s design aligns with the city’s Broadway Historic Preservation Overlay, ensuring a seamless blend of the past’s charm with an innovative future. Its strategic location at 405 Broadway, a site steeped in musical lore, promises entrances on both Broadway and 4th Avenue and two fifth-story outdoor rooftop decks with breathtaking panoramic views along with a myriad of other unique and special surprises.
Sean Marshall, President of BPH Hospitality, said, “As the first ground up development on Lower Broadway since 2017, the development has allowed us to position JBJ’s to be the most operationally efficient establishment in the heart of Music City.”

“The vision for JBJ’s extends beyond a singular bar; it’s about shaping the future of hospitality,” said Eric Russell, Chief Investment Officer at BPH. “Our commitment is reflected in the scale and innovation of this project.”

The project, spearheaded by Big Plan Holdings, led by Josh and Tara Joseph, is a testament to the mission of creating a space that respects the legacy of music while continuing to carry the torch of Nashville’s history. “We feel it will be great to disrupt downtown Nashville in a positive way.  Partnering with Jon was natural for many reasons, and we could not be more excited for Nashville and all its great visitors,” said the owners.

Bon Jovi’s involvement in this venture is not just another celebrity endorsement but a genuine commitment to contribute to the culture of Nashville. With an opening aligned with the buzz of his recognition as MusiCares’ 2024 Person of the Year and Bon Jovi’s 40th anniversary, the timing could not be more perfect.

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