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It’s been so long since American Idol alumni Carrie Underwood stole our hearts, and she’s kept great care of them all this time! Here’s a look back to when we first got to know sweet Carrie!

“The star is never afraid to belt out a song — and the fact that she does so for a couple hours night after night is a testament to her truly powerhouse vocals.”Angela Stefano,

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This American Idol winner is now America’s favorite sweetheart. Her album, “Carnival Ride” has dominated the charts with tracks like “So Small” and “American Girl”. Carrie Underwood’s performances have been described time and again as “Absolutely amazing” and “Heartwrenchingly genuine”. This year you can find Carrie Underwood performing alongside Keith Urban in the Love Pain and the Whole Crazy Carnival Ride concert tour.

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There is the whirlwind, and then there is the young woman at its center. The key to Carrie Underwood may lie in knowing that, three years down the road, the two remain separate. For all the awards, the record sales, the chart-topping hits, the non-stop schedule and the incessant media attention, Carrie remains firmly in touch with the shy Oklahoma college student she was before becoming a star. Through all of it, she retains a genuine likeability that, coupled with her enormous talent, goes a long way toward explaining the phenomenal nature of her success.
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