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TOUR DATES: Sara Evans

Sara Evans is everything a country music star should be. Gracious. Graceful. and of course, talented as all get out. Take in Sara in all her wonder as she tours through your town!

Sticks Country Music Festival 2009

Sticks Country Music Festival 2009! Use Discount Code CMNB09 starting Fri March 6th for $79 Passes! STICKS is a 2-day, 2-night, COOLER-FRIENDLY, camping-friendly, showcase of true southern culture! 12 COUNTRY SUPERSTARS, camping, coolers… it’s all one big giant excuse to get outside during Auburn’s warm April to see beautiful people and hear popular country music!… Read more »

Sara Evans – Upcoming Concert Tour Dates 2008

Sara Evans Concert Tour Info: Sara Evans is a vibrant, talented woman with a distinctive voice and an innate ability to relate to her audience. She’s a songwriter, a mother of three, and a master at multi-tasking, but above all, she’s real. It’s that honesty and integrity that resonate throughout her music. “I’m just really… Read more »