Garth Brooks VS Shania Twain: Showdown in Music Town

When a superstar like Shania Twain makes a huge tour announcement the feeding frenzy of fans are quick to follow, but what often gets overlooked is all of the planning, strategizing, and general legwork that goes on for months, and sometimes years, before that tour announcement is made. So what happens when another megastar… say Garth Brooks for example… is still working on their tour plans and there’s a clash of dates?


Garth Brooks and Shania Twain Battle For Tour Dates

Well that’s exactly what has happened to Team Shania for their July 21st, 2018 tour stop in Nashville according to a recent Pollstar article. Shania Twain’s tour manager Scott Rodger told Pollstar that an unlisted five-day hold on the Bridgestone Arena, Twain’s anticipated Nashville venue, has been placed by none other than Garth Brooks’ team, and that contractual agreements between the venue and Garth prevent any other country show from being sold at the moment.

“…every other show on the tour will go on sale,” Rodger told Pollstar. “From a fan perspective, it would be, ‘Why are you not putting your Nashville show on sale?’ ‘Oh, we’re not allowed to because Garth Brooks won’t allow it.’”

Garth Brooks contracts his shows really far in advance and as a part of his deal with certain buildings, wherever he can, he can prevent any other country show from going on sale in a window around his show,” Rodger said. “He is preventing all country shows from now going onsale through Dec. 1.

The argument between Shania’s management and the Bridgestone Arena’s agreement with Garth seems to get pretty testy as allegations surface that the arena’s management offered a substantial increase in Shania’s pay for the show, to which her manager responded: ‘Keep your money. Just let her go on sale.’ The arena management denies offering additional pay. For all the dirty details, check out the full-length article by Joe Reinartz on Pollstar.


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