Hank Jr. and Lynyrd Skynyrd 2008 Concert Tour – Rowdy Frynds Tour

In this flash back to country music history, who can forget when what seemed like a no-brainer tour got announced? Country brothers from other mothers Lynyrd Skynrd joined up with Mister Bocephus himself to launch a tour that shook, rattled, and rolled arenas across the nation!

After a great success on their last tour, Hank Williams Jr and Lynyrd Skynrd are making plans to hit the road together again for the 2008 Rowdy Frynds tour this spring. The tour will kick off in Hershey, PA and finish off in the birthplace of Lynyrd Skynrd in Jacksonville, FL.

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“Our following of fans fits together perfectly,” says Skynyrd vocalist Johnny Van Zant, also a member with brother Donnie in the country duo Van Zant. “We can’t wait to get back out there and have some fun.”

“Last year was incredible,” Hank Jr. adds. “How could we not get together for another round?!”


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Dr Don Zarlengo

I need to see the 2009 Hank Williams Jr Tour dates and locations – so I can attend. I saw Hank once in Bakersfield – he played as many instruments as my Daddy did.

He has great energy in all his music.

Please keep me informed

Don Zarlengo
San Diego (willing to drive a bit to get to the tour location)
I have almost every CD and DVD that Randall Hank Jr has cut.


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