How To Stay Safe At a Concert These Days

With all the anger and arguments over vaccines and masks, along with a surge of various variants of the virus, we are running a serious risk of losing access to live music due to the pandemic AGAIN. In fact, Garth Brooks JUST announced the cancellation of FIVE stadium tour dates, costing the industry millions of dollars in revenue, and venue staff and support teams countless hours of employment. Not to mention the disappointment of the fans who will now have to wait goodness-only-knows -how-long to get a chance to see that show live again.

The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t have to be this way. We can practice caution and courtesy and keep the music playing at the same time.

Staying Safe from Covid At a Concert

Here are our top pointers for safely enjoying live music in the current climate:

  • Plan ahead – Make sure you allow a few days before AND a few days after the concert so you can know for sure that you aren’t exposed and possibly spreading the virus.
  • Use Caution – Vaccinated or not, masks, hand-washing, social distancing, and limiting exposure to high-contact areas are all just common sense ways you can limit your risks.
  • Know your status – Get a rapid test within 48 hours prior to the show, and bring those beautiful negative results with you. Be prepared to get tested a few days after as well.
  • Stay healthy – Hangovers, over-exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke are all immune-system enemies. If you are immune-compromised, these risks multiply your chances of the virus having a devastating effect on your body. Do your best to stay hydrated and healthy so your body can easily fight the virus if you are exposed.
  • Be Fair – If you aren’t at 100%… if you are compromised, symptomatic, or otherwise ill, STAY HOME. Sell or gift your tickets. Watch the livestream. Know that you are doing your part to keep live music alive.
  • Be Kind – Venue staff is just trying to keep their jobs and keep live music happening after over a year of hundreds of thousands of roadies, stagehands, vendors, concession workers, ticket takers, security, and more being out of work. Mask, testing, and vaccination policies are all just a means to that end. They’re not trying to take away your right to privacy or to party… they just want to be able to make rent doing a job they love. Be kind. Be understanding.
  • Know the Why – Insurance companies are requiring stronger policies in order to shift liability from the venues to the individual fans in the event that someone gets sick at a show. These policies simply mean you are attending the show at your own risk and assume all responsibility for your personal health.

If we take a moment to look at the bigger picture instead of only worrying about our own wants and needs, it gets a lot easier to see how the little moves we make can affect the greater country music community. Do your part, and keep concerts safe and fun for everyone or we just won’t have any to complain about.

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