Jason Michael Carroll Concert Tour – American Man Tour with Trace Adkins

A few sweet songs and Jason Michael Carroll had us all by the heartstrings. Although he doesn’t tour nearly as often as the major players, every performance Jason gives is genuine and absolutely memorable. Take a look at this moment in ocuntry music touring history when Jason was pushing the pedal with all he had to get to his fans!

Jason Michael Carroll Tour Info:

Jason Michael Carroll joins Trace Adkins for the American Man 2008 concert tour. Jason recently released his latest single “I can Sleep When I’m Dead” and is still in awe over the success of his debut album which featured songs like “Alyssa Lies” and “Livin Our Love Song”. He is still in the newlywed stage of country stardom, but when asked “Are you nervous?” Jason Michael Carroll answers like a true pro.

“If it’s twenty people or twenty thousand (and we have played for both), I still get butterflies and feel that nervous feeling, right before a show. I guess it’s all the adrenaline and excitement that I’m about to be able to hit the stage and do what I do.
It’s like a rush to feel everything that you’ve worked so hard for, for so long, come down to the show that you’re about to put on. And the reality of it all, is that’s exactly what it is. If I don’t give everything I have night after night, time and time again, I really feel that could be the show that was the deciding factor concerning if we move forward or go home. So, it’s here a show, there a show,……well….you know the rest.”

Jason is excited and optimistic about opening for Trace Adkins on this concert tour and looks forward to a great year!

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