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“For the past year or so,” Joe Nichols said, “I’ve been kind of peeking at the next level.” He mentioned “I’ll Wait for You” and “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” two hit singles from III, his collection from 2005. “But I don’t think we’ve put it all together on an album like this before. I think we’ve flirted with it, but I don’t think we’ve gotten it just right. Musically, we’ve done what we’ve wanted to do, and have been nominated for four Grammy’s, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it takes you to the next level. It’s just musically where you are.”

“From playing singing live, I’ve learned that when I look at people’s faces when I’m singing, what touches them most — what gets them to lean forward rather than lean back — is when you show personality.” Joe Nichols mentions the Merle Haggard song “If I Could Only Fly,” done as a duet with Lee Ann Womack. “When I sing ‘I wish you could come with me/When I go again’, lines like that offer the opportunity to let people get to know you, and really quickly. To expose the vulnerability in some of these songs, I’ve tried to do that. In my earlier recordings, there was probably a little bit of that. But then I would never have been as comfortable singing as I am right now.”

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