Shania Twain Talks Vegas with Apple Music

On the latest episode of Home Now Radio with Shania Twain on Apple Music, Shania takes listeners to her home away from home… Las Vegas… on part one of her two-part deep dive celebrating the Las Vegas residency. In the episode she speaks about why Ariana Grande is “the voice of today”, why Justin Timberlake is one of the most “musically supreme” live performers, how Cher has been a “real mentor” to her, and why Celine Dion is “the most iconic resident artist in Vegas”. She also shares stories of meeting and enjoying live performances by a range of artists in Vegas, including: Rod Stewart, Gwen Stefani, Lorde, Diana Ross, why Madonna is like no one else, and much more. 

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Shania Twain Tells Apple Music Why Ariana Grande Is The Voice of Today…
Ariana, Ariana Grande, to me, the voice of today. Freaky, great talent, and sweet person too. I got to meet her backstage. She was sweet enough to take the time to say hello. She was at the MGM Grand Arena, I met her mom and her brother. It was just the sweetest time. I’ve been in touch with her by text every once in a while. I’m kind of bragging now because I think that’s just one of the little perks of just being able to be in touch with other artists that I admire. Ariana Grande is one of those. She has five studio albums and 48 singles. Out of those 48 singles, I wouldn’t even be surprised if 90% of them were hits. Maybe even all of them were hits, I mean, I would bet on that. Anyways.

Shania Twain Tells Apple Music Why Justin Timberlake Is A “Musically Supreme” Live Performer…
One of the most musically supreme shows that I’ve seen live in Las Vegas is Justin Timberlake. First of all, I think the guy must have perfect pitch. He never hits a bad note, and I’d hear it if he did. I mean, he just doesn’t. And the way he dances. He’s fun. He’s energetic. His band and singers are incredible. The dancers. It was all around a really great show. He played the MGM in 2013 in Las Vegas. I was there during my residency at the time. Then I saw him again in Las Vegas, T-Mobile Arena, 2019. I mean, of course it was Las Vegas. Only the best play Las Vegas.

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