Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Luke Bryan

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Those tight jeans may fool Luke Bryan fans into thinking he’s got nothing to hide, but here are some unexpected tidbits about Mr Bryan you may not have already known!

  1. Even though he’s a superstar, Bryan occasionally hyperventilates and still gets bad jitters before hitting the stage to perform.
  2. The singer once owned a Maserati, but quickly sold it when he realized couldn’t handle gravel roads.
  3. Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the first album he ever purchased.
  4. When Luke was invited to perform at the famous Grand Ole Opry, his older sister, Kelly, organized 129 people to attend his Opry debut. A few days after his performance, his sister unexpectedly died at home for unknown reasons. Bryan said the cause remains undetermined.
  5. His first job was at a grocery store.
  6. Jason Aldean outed Bryan on tour in 2012 for having the initials of his wife and college sweetheart, Caroline, tattooed on his rear end.
  7. According to his mother, Bryan was a ‘sickly’ baby, and she often hummed ‘Rock of Ages’ to him to calm him down. As a result, she says, he could hum the song before he could talk (and can to this day). It’s a clear sign that Bryan was born to sing.
  8. Bryan’s fan club is dubbed “The Nut House” because his father Tommy was a peanut farmer and the singer grew up on a peanut farm.
  9. Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the first album he ever purchased.
  10. As a teen, Luke played Frank Butler in his high school’s production of Annie Get Your Gun— you know the character who falls in love with Annie Oakley.

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