Tickets for Cirque du Soleil’s Live Country experience in Nashville now available!

Cirque du Soleil recently announced its newest touring show creation in collaboration with Universal Music Group Nashville to premiere in Nashville in July 2024.  The Live Country Experience imagined by show designer and creative director Amy Tinkham promises to be an acrobatic, one-of-a-kind, live performance celebrating the soul-stirring melodies of beloved country legends and contemporary stars.

Cirque du Soleil Is Going Country

“There is nothing purer at heart than a Country Song in its honest expression of humanity. Values of family, love, hard work, incredible challenge and strength, fantastical dreaming, true delight, and unadulterated fun, all of which connect deeply with Cirque du Soleil. Stories that come from down to earth hardworking people are the root of Country Music, and similarly, stories that come from the streets of the world are the root of Cirque du Soleil,” added show director Amy Tinkham. 

The pursuit of lifting the human spirit through artistic authenticity is a shared passion of Cirque du Soleil and Country Music, and this project is a love letter to those common aspirational ideals. The show’s storyline will follow two songwriters as they travel through time, taking inspiration from country’s classic heart-wrenching melodies to contemporary chart-topping powerhouse vocals on their search for what makes the perfect country anthem. Cirque du Soleil and country music fans will be wowed by amazing acrobatics, aerial acts, hand to hand and demonstration of extreme strength while highlighting the vibrant world of Country music that echoes the rich legacy and diversity of the genre

The show will premiere in Nashville on July 2, 2024, until July 28, 2024, before going on a North American tour. Tickets are now exclusively on sale to Cirque Club members and to the public on December 6, 2023.

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