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Trace Adkins is often referred to as country music’s Alpha male, a towering presence in an era when larger-than-life personalities are a rarity. Trace Adkins’ instantly recognizable baritone has been cutting through the airwaves and energizing concert hall speakers for well over a decade as he has established himself as a major force in contemporary country music.

Trace Adkins Details:

Trace Adkins‘ body of work has been marked by both good-time anthems and soul-stirring slices of life. The centerpiece of American Man may well be “Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk,” the hip-hop-influenced, across-the-board smash that carried the Louisiana-born singer to new levels of popularity following its 2005 release, but the song that sets both the CD and Trace Adkins’ career into perspective is “Songs About Me,” which makes clear the emotional realities behind the best of country music and so much of Trace Adkins’ work. Perhaps nowhere is that better shown than in “Arlington,” told from the perspective of a veteran whose heroism has earned him a spot in one of the nation’s most hallowed resting places, or in “I Wanna Feel Something,” which catalogues one man’s battle with the deadening emotional effects of modern living.

On the flip side, Trace Adkins remains a master of light-hearted realism when it comes to relationships between the sexes. It was true with “Ladies Love Country Boys,” which explores the rough-hewn appeal of the rural male demographic, and with “Swing,” chronicling the hits and misses of flirtation. Then there are the songs of praise for attractive women like “Hot Mama,” an ode to the wife who doesn’t know her own sexiness, and “Chrome,” about a take-charge lover of hot wheels. Rounding out the catalog of hits is “Rough & Ready,” an in-your-face blue-collar manifesto that is both funny and dead-on.

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