3 Reasons To Use A Cover Band

When thinking about a cover band, you might picture a band that simply plays weddings, getting by on barely-there talent without much fanfare. But many cover bands embrace the role with much more expertise and are so good, they may even spawn cover acts of their own. Some cover bands have gone on to make big names for themselves. In fact, a BBC article notes that all of the early 1960s beat groups, including The Beatles and The Who, started out as cover bands.

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Well-trained imposters can be the highlight of just about any event. It won’t just be a band that’s been practicing in their parents’ basement strumming a few chords saying, “Here’s how this Coldplay song goes.” Professional cover bands are made up of members who have spent a lot of time figuring out music that extremely talented songwriters and musicians wrote – you have to be good to fill in those shoes. In fact, some will have their own original songs too and can play them upon request.

Whether you’re looking to book entertainment for a birthday party, a corporate function, wedding, or anything else, here’s why you should consider using a cover band.

It Much More Affordable Than the Real Thing

Booking your favorite big-name band is probably way out of your price range, with a minimum of $150,000 to hire a band like Muse on up to $1 million or even more for acts like Bon Jovi. While it’s sure to impress the crowd, the hit your budget will take is unlikely to be worth it. Bands that are well-known have massive fees and a jam-packed schedule, while cover bands can play the songs you want to hear at a fraction of the cost as the perfect way to feature live music at an event without going way over budget. 

While some of the most coveted cover bands can cost $10,000 or more, if you avoid the middleman (AKA talent agents) by booking one of the Los Angeles, Orange County cover bands or just about any other country in the U.S. via an app instead,  you can save a significant amount and still get a fabulous act to play at your event. 

A Cover Band Is Far Easier to Book 

Hiring a cover band not only means that you’ll spend less, but it’s also more likely the band will be available on your desired dates. Unlike those famous acts, who may be booked nearly every night of the year, far in advance, you can search through top cover bands, whether you want pop, jazz, classic rock, or something else, and find many available for the date you want – all you have to do is contact them. 

Your Event Will Be Remembered and Your Audience Will Be More Involved 

If you’re thinking about simply blasting your own playlist or hiring a DJ, you should know that recorded music just can’t compare to the raw energy of a live band. People will be more likely to attend your event simply knowing that there will be live music, once there, but the band will also engage with the crowd, making sure they’re having a great time and even get them up on their feet and dancing. Those who attend will likely be talking about it for some time to come.

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